The Too-Much-Too-Many-mobile at the top of the Swartberg Pass

The Too-Much-Too-Many-mobile at the top of the Swartberg Pass

How to get involved

  • We need to get people talking about human impacts, so please forward articles to friends who might be interested, share links on Facebook and Twitter, let's get people to join a debate.
  • If you're in South Africa can you suggest interesting  issues local to you which might not be well-known? I'd love to hear from you if you do.
  • If you work for an organisation outside South Africa involved in the field perhaps we can collaborate. 

Funding & accommodation

Sponsors? Anywhere?!

Huge thanks to existing financial supporters Phia van der Spuy, Pat & Doug Johnson, Claire van Rees, Emma Bennett, April Billson, Barry Jeeps, Jean and Alan Thomas, Julia Whitehead, Dot Cadle and Warren Eiserman, Dain Hannaford & Jacqui Turner, Manie Meyer, Caroline Proctor, Sally & Chris Tester, John Moor, John & Maureen Whiting, Vivienne Fenton, Derek Bock and Lizbe Vos who have all contributed to project overheads. 

Special thanks to Dot Cadle and Warren Eiserman for advice and creation of the website.

Other Too Much Too Many supporters have provided accommodation in numerous locations around South Africa, thanks to:

Malcolm and Terri of Breeze Inn in Kidd's Beach

Dot Cadle, Warren Eiserman, Alison & Adam Benzimra and Karla Saller in Cape Town

Phia van der Spuy and 12 on Hillel in Johannesburg 

Brendan Connellan in East London

Maeve McKiernan in Kokstad