Sawubona (South African Airways' in-flight magazine)

David's article "Farmers. Unlikely biodiversity champions?" featured in the May 2014 issue.

Africa Geographic

David's most recent article for Africa Geographic, the continent's leading wildlife magazine, is "Deepest Darkest Africa" which featured in the 13 September 2014 issue of their weekly online magazine. Three others articles feature on the Africa Geographic blog, which you can read here

In addition, David has written for the Africa Geographic print magazine (click on the headline to open a PDF of the articles featured in the magazine):

"Pelican Patrol" featured in the June 2013 issue.

"At a glance", the news section, covered Too Much Too Many in the May 2013 issue. 

Marie Claire South Africa

David wrote a short piece to promote World Vasectomy Day for Marie Claire, you can read it by clicking here

International population organisations

The international NGO, the Population Media Centre, covered Too Much Too Many in its 29 June 2013 news bulletin "South African population and consumption issues".

UK based Population and Sustainability Network covered Too Much Too Many in its April 2013 update "Too Much Too Many: New resource from South Africa".

Australian organisation Sustainable Population Australia featured Too Much Too Many in their February 2013 issue"Too Much Too Many: Human impacts on South Africa" (see page 9). 

UK organisation, Population Matters, featured David's article "A small South African nature reserve & its challenges" in their magazine's August 2012 issue (see page 16).

Sustainable Population Australia featured David's article "To live by force" in their August 2012 issue (see page 6). 

A gannet mother and chick on Malgas