David's articles have featured in the Cape Times, the Pretoria News, The Star and The Citizen as well as Afrikaans publications Beeld, Volksblad and Die Burger. Click on the headlines to open links:

"Koester nie net die Karoo"  or "We can't treasure only the Karoo"
David wrote for the Afrikaans newspapers Beeld, Volksblad and Die Burger and asked whether the actions of the Treasure Karoo Action Group could harm the environment. The link is to the English original as well as the Afrikaans translation. Published on 7 December 2013.


"Making the cut on World Vasectomy Day "  

David wrote about World Vasectomy Day for five publications, including this piece for the Johannesburg newspaper, The Citizen.  Published on 18 October 2013.

"Disempowering a generation

In this article David looks at early childhood development in the Eastern Cape. He believes that the failings of the Eastern Cape departments of Social Development and Education are leading to the disempowerment of an entire generation. Published on 17 October 2013, in the Cape Times. 

"Save the planet, have a vasectomy

Another World Vasectomy Day article written by David was featured in the Johannesburg newspaper The Star.  Published on 17 October 2013.

"Numbers do not tell of the tears of ordinary people’s lives"

In this article David has a more personal focus and links his recent experience with cancer to statistics and how statistics depersonalise issues. David thought the headline "Statistics, people without the tears" better summarised the article. Published on 11 July 2013, World Population Day, in the Pretoria News and the Cape Times.

"Righting the wrongs in rural South Africa"

In this article David  looks at  women's rights in rural communities in Venda and the superb work of the Thohoyandou Victim Empowerment Programme. Published on 15 May 2013, in the Cape Times.

Cape Times Venda photo.png