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Film outline

The Vasectomist is a documentary film following urologist, Dr. Doug Stein, on his mission to save the planet, one vasectomy at a time. Doug says "You can recycle everything you can get your hands on for the rest of your life, every newspaper, magazine, beer can, coke bottle but you can't possibly recycle as much as another unintended human will consume."

Doug has concluded that his purpose in life is to help lower the planet's population, by performing as many vasectomies as he can. The film begins in Florida and follows Doug as he moves his quest to Haiti and the Philippines. At every step Doug advocates for men to take responsibility for family planning, but the issues raised in the USA feel very different to those in the less developed countries. 

The challenge he's set himself is mathematically impossible but it raises crucial questions about the ever increasing number of humans and our own individual and collective impacts on our planet.

The African premiere of The Vasectomist was screened on World Vasectomy Day and was followed by an audience debate. David answered questions on population related issues and Dr Shingai Mutambirwa, consultant urologist and researcher at George Mukhari Hospital, answered the medical points. 

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